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Your game-changing playbook 
to clear the hurdles in and out of the office

Introducing The Intentional Team Player: a premium online course and training program designed specifically to take your team members to the next level.

 Join Master Certified Coach, Darcy Luoma, as she shares with you the secrets gained from thousands of hours of coaching top-performing teams.

Your employees will be able to improve their people skills at their own pace, from the comfort of their own devices. So that you can get back to doing what you do best. 

Are you onboarding your employees to be team players?

You've given them the employee handbook. They have an ID badge. They've completed the security training and are learning the day-to-day tasks of their jobs. But are your employees ready to be team players?

Imagine the benefit to your organization if your employees could:

  • Focus on what they could control instead of wishing other people would be different
  • Communicate with confidence by balancing courage, compassion, and curiosity
  • Self-manage when emotions get high
  • Recognize when they are being the "jerk" in the office 
  • Identify limiting beliefs
  • Reset when the busy becomes counterproductive

These skills are essential to be a team player and achieve the results your organization is working toward. Set your team up for success with The Intentional Team Player.


This is not your traditional training program.

You don't learn to ride a bike by reading articles or listening to other people talk about riding a bike. You have to actually get on the bike. It might not be perfect right away, but it's the only way you learn.

We take the same approach to training your employees to be Intentional Team Players. Here's what your employees can expect throughout the self-paced, online course.

Micro Videos

We introduce each concept in micro doses (most videos are under 10 minutes long). Each video shares research, examples, and tips from Master Certified Coach Darcy Luoma.

This is the introduction to the bicycle and where most training programs end. But we're just getting started.

Downloadable Handouts

We provide the essential information for each skill and the coaching necessary for your employees to actually use that skill with their team.

Consider this adjusting the bike pedals and seat, as well as putting on a helmet, to make sure they are ready to ride.

Time to practice

The skills required to be an Intentional Team Player requires practice. There's no avoiding this step! We have the structure, support built into the course for this practice.

This is where they will actually get on that bike and take their new skills for a spin!

Live Coaching and Support

In addition to the online course, all participants have access to the Thoughtfully Fit Gym where they can receive additional support.

This is the time with a coach where they can assess why they fell off the bike, how to pop wheelies, and everything in between.

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What will your employees actually learn?

Take a look at the course outline.

Meet Your Coach: Do you have people problems? Darcy Luoma sees them all the time. As a Master Certified Coach, she has spent her career helping organizations create high-performing leaders and teams.

Face the Hurdles: Get an overview of the common hurdles that everyone deals with and a preview of what to expect.

Warm-Up: Engage your Thoughtfully Fit Core: What do you control? What are your choices?

Focus on What You Control: You can't control everything, but you always control you.

Unlock Your Choices: Explore your choices by looking at hurdles from different perspectives.

Workout: This lesson gives you the most important play you'll receive in the course—how to engage your core.

Warm-Up: It's time to talk. Get a quick preview of the communication plays.

Communicating With Your Co-Workers (even the ones that drive you crazy!): Achieve alignment with courage, compassion, and curiosity. 

Managing Emotions Without the Emotion: What's your EQ? It's all about self-awareness and self-management.

Workout: Practice the plays.

Warm-Up: Conflict is inevitable. Get a preview of the plays on conflict.

Knee-Jerk Reactions Without the Jerk: Identify your triggers and keep your whole brain in the game.

What You Can Change About the People You Can’t: Most people problems are perpetual, so shift your efforts to what can make a difference.

Workout: Practice the plays.

Warm-Up: It's time to focus on YOU.

Tackle Your Inner Trash Talk: Don't let those voices in your head hold you back.

Quiet Your Mind to Supercharge Your Results: Sometimes you just need to turn it all off and unplug.

Workout: Practice the plays.

What's Next?: You did it! Lock in what you've learned.


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Meet Darcy Luoma

Darcy Luoma is a “Master Certified Coach”, dynamic facilitator, and inspiring motivational speaker. She has worked as a Director for a U.S. Senator and the Deputy Transition Director for a Governor. She also served on the national advance team for two U.S. presidential campaigns. As the owner and CEO of Darcy Luoma Coaching & Consulting, LLC, she has worked in 48 industries with 210 organizations to create high-performing people and teams.

Darcy balances her thriving business with raising her two energetic teenage daughters, adventure travel, and competing in triathlons.  

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